December 28 2010. I quit smoking. How much it hurt.

This will be my top post for some time as this is the single most important piece of knowledge that I have to share.

Tuesday December 28, 2010. Copped an attitude yesterday and smoked up the last of my "tide me over" cigarettes.  Decided not to buy any more and slapped on a 21 MG patch.. So I don't get my one tomorrow morning and no cheating for a few more during the day. This is hereby declared " Larry's Quit Day" So let it be written so let it be done. This day shall end soon. Sangria and Triple Sec wash down Princess Valium and soon I wilt be dreaming of Tinkerbell and waiting for her fairy dust to raise me up from the depths of degradation.. ( and whatever she wants to do with that dust is open for discussion)

I will detail my trials in the days to come. Suffice to say it was pure hell.

Saving Plants for next year

Fall frosts may kill your tender plants that are not protected. I have Hibiscus plants alive  that I purchased at Frank's Nursery and they closed years ago. Winter is sure to do them in. Some are worth the effort to save.

Why some of the cursed (me) had a hard time quitting smoking

You feel like you are craving nicotine because you are.

Our bodies strive to maintain a state of homeostasis. That is a state of balance.

Why you should use NRT's for quitting smoking

    Taken from quitnet.com   I can't began to tell you how great this place is for support of smoking cessation. Do not go alone when there are fellow quitters to help and guide you. quitnet.com I tried to go cold turkey and could not do it.

Natural Healing.

Dark Chocolate and its healing power

 Real cacao bars can be purchased at most drug and grocery stores. I am not talking about sweet chocolate. While it is very tasty it does not contain the anti oxidants of dark chocolate and this is what contains the healing nutriments.

April 9.Garden Report.

April 2012

So after one of the warmest March months in St. Louis history we are returning to normal in April.

My snow peas are up and starting to grow the tendrils that cling to my wire supports. They seem like they are slightly ahead of schedule this year. Probably due to the warmer soil temperatures. I would guess that they are in between 12" and 16" now. They will usually blossom in mid May and are finished by mid June. We shall see.

Words of Wisdom

The Plan

In the beginning was The Plan
And then came The Assumptions
And The Assumptions were without form
And The Plan was completely without Substance
And darkness was upon the face of the workers.