H.R.3380 Dietary Supplement Protection Act (DSPA) ( support this if you want to be able to buy vitamins next year)

 Our FDA is after the vitamin and supplement manufacturers. The action that the FDA wants to enact will place an unfair burden on these proven health benefits. Please take a few seconds to go to the link below and sign the petition to alter the original FDA proposal. 


Natural vitamins and supplements versus the money machine.

  The medical field is doing our generation great harm that shall pass one day.

Their drugs are extracts from a natural substance. What ever led them to believe that they could out do nature is beyond me. The truth of the healing power of natural vitamins and supplements is being hidden by them because they can't make money from natural substances. They take natural substances and single out one element, attempting to compound that into something useful, while at the same time they leave behind the other healthy elements. They then patent a drug and enjoy large profits from a mislead clientele.

Yes some drugs are good. I am not criticizing all drugs.Where would we be without antibiotics and pain killers. But why are they so over used ?

Someday the medical field will utilize natural substances to heal instead of using man made drugs to constantly hide the pain and the symptoms.

It is a medical mockery that will find its place in history. Just like bleeding or using leaches to heal.

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