Plastics and suppliers in St. Louis, Missouri

This page will be devoted to local distribution and fabrication companies. I enjoyed 30 years in the field and have much to share :)


ACI Plastics. One of the oldest distributors in town.

Cope Plastics. This is their headquarters town. I worked there 20 years and they are a top supplier.

Corrosion Products. Largest distributor of  industrial piping and related systems.

Laird Plastics. They have a small location here in St. Louis. They are one of the largest national distributors.

Regal Plastics. Another distributor that has been in St. Louis for many years.

Sabic. Formerly Cadillac Plastics. They are one of the largest national distributors

Jarold Manufacturing. Their main products are vacuum formed ABS products. A very highly rated company.

JBC Fabricators. Small fabrication shop in South St. Louis. They can do many things that larger shops will not do yet also gear up for the big jobs.

Omega Plastics. A small fabrication shop that still does things the old fashion way.

Mabie Vac plastics.  Their main products are vacuum formed ABS products. A very highly rated company.

Plastic Materials that I have a lot of experience with

Plexiglas acrylic sheet.
This is an interesting material which was first developed by Dupont during WWII for aircraft. It now has many manufacturers and finds most of its uses in POP display work and other department store items. It has some interest for the home owner as a break resistant window covering.

The scratching problem has been somewhat resolved with an abrasion resistant coating but it is very expensive.

It is also made into various small household items such as napkin holders. Many of these are injected molded parts and we have all seen the cheap parts that hit the market.

I made an interesting dog house from acrylic sheet. My beagle loves it since he can bask in the sunlight while he has a complete view on all four sides.

I am basically seeing this as a useless page at this point. My experience is all related to commercial and industrial plastics and I am not pursuing them as readers at this point. So this page is on hold until that happens.

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