Tennessee Beauty strawberry plants

           I just placed 20 Tennessee Beauty strawberry plants in the ground November of 2011. . I hope they will develop nice strawberries next June but it is a long shot. These big plump berries were my favorite and chosen over All Star, Guardian and ever bearing plants

           Everyone states to debud the plants the first year for better production the following years, but the plants die off in 4 to 5 years, so I am going to let them grow. They will make many new plants next year and so I will have good plants in year two regardless of how I treat them in year one. These runners can be pinned to the ground with wire U bends or forced to root in pots.

           They are in a four foot square box made of 2" x 12" lumber. I have it wrapped in chicken wire to keep the rabbits out or they will eat them to the ground. I do not seem to have a bird problem when the berries ripen but when I do I toss some wire over the top of the bed and that stops them. It appears that the rabbits hate foot traps. I will also season their dinner with water mixed with garlic or hot pepper. Rabbits have a memory for meals locations..good and bad :)

 I have yet to find a better source than Simmon's Berry Farm http://simmonsplantfarm.com/ 
These people supported me on grape plants that were three years old and replaced them for free. That is hard to beat.

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