April 9.Garden Report.

April 2012

So after one of the warmest March months in St. Louis history we are returning to normal in April.

My snow peas are up and starting to grow the tendrils that cling to my wire supports. They seem like they are slightly ahead of schedule this year. Probably due to the warmer soil temperatures. I would guess that they are in between 12" and 16" now. They will usually blossom in mid May and are finished by mid June. We shall see.

I have a small plot of bush beans germinated They are about 2" tall and setting a second set of leafs. I assumes these will make it and I will have very early green beans. They are string-less and very skinny bush beans. They make for easy cooking after being picked while young and still tender.

My strawberries are blossoming. This concerns me as they are very early. I replanted Tennessee beauty plants from a new source last fall. They usually do not blossom until mid May. I should be able to tell if I have the right plants by the size of the fruit. I did have a few old plants left alive to compare the new ones with so I will be able to tell a difference.

Aside from that I continue to return garden beds to grass. I have lost my interest in constant weeding or mulching the areas. Plus my new neighbors that garden have attracted so many bugs I am beyond hope unless I poison like mad and that doesn't sit well with me.I have major invasions of cucumber beetles, squash bugs and squash vine borers. So the easiest thing is to stop planting the plants that these bugs like and go on with life.

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