A dream that I had

 The Touch

I just awoke from a dream.
We were on a long voyage on a big ship.
We spent much time together.
Sometimes you were not around and I looked for you. The ship docked every night and we always spent the evenings on the deck. Dining, laughing and watching the sunset.
On the final evening we docked with in sight of our destination.
Strangely I appeared on the destination docks looking back at the ship.
As I stood there, I remember saying to the people on the ship. I warned you that the voyage would soon be over and to enjoy every moment.
And then a man came down to me. I recognized him as a very close friend of yours. He was jealous.
He asked me "Why is she was looking at you like that"
I looked up and there you sat on a bamboo lounge chair in a long pure white dress. Lovely as new snow. Smiling and looking directly at me.
I melted and walked up the ramp to you.
In your hands were three pictures.
You smiled and touched my hand while showing me the pictures.
You said. "Here Larry I had these pictures made for you"
I looked at them smiled and said "They they are as beautiful as you are. But all of the pictures in the world can't replace this single touch from you."

I want this dream every night!!!

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